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When every second counts, the emergency response time can be a matter of life or death. With our cutting-edge technology, it is much easier saving lives and contributing to the personal and public safety 

Safe City - SayVU

Emerging challenges threaten citizen’s safety and security, both in the public domain and in the domestic environment. While those risks increase, cities and municipalities are required to adopt intelligent technology to safeguard their people and property.

With a vast experience in deploying safe city project , securing citizens, public transportation, vulnerable populations & public and private institutions. We provide an end-to-end platform focused on saving lives and contributing to the personal and public safety, anytime, anywhere.

We offer cities a comprehensive and innovative solution that grants them control over the area of coverage as well as an efficient and timely response to incidents. Citizens gain the ability to connect with the authorities whenever they feel threatened, to re-establish trust. With our help, authorities can easily improve their response time to anomalous events and give their residents a real sense of security.

While the awareness of the liability for workers grows, their independence increases and remote work is more prevalent, organizations are encouraged to provide better solutions for their workers’ safety and personal security.With our solution employees can report directly from their smartphones while knowing that help is on its way. Features like scheduled alerts and automated alerts that are activated if the mobile’s sensors identify a problem.

Our solution matches the needs of first responders, social service personnel, government agencies and any other population oriented services personnel.

Smart Incident Management

Advanced Vidoe Communication

Flexible System Architecture

Wearable Devices Connection

Indoor Positioning

Reporting from a Locked Smartphone

Mobile Sensors Monitoring

Real-time AI Voice Analysis

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