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SingularSight Ltd. specializes in two main product lines.

technological solutions in the field of telecommunications, security, education.

The second line is mass consumption products, such as any type of packaging products, food and more.

Market Development, Marketing and Sales

The main objective of our work is to increase the sales of our clients in Latin America and Southern Europe and to develop the Israeli market for our clients in Latin America, during our work we will build a market development plan, we will contact a vast network of companies, local businessmen and anyone who can help us promote the product and close deals, we will present their products and solutions to potential customers, understand and work with them in order to develop a relationship between the companies that will end in a sales contract.

Along the way we will understand the competitors that operate in this segment and decipher the possible obstacles to the penetration of your company and products.

SingularSight will experience the process in sub-tasks in order to be able to measure and evaluate our progress in the market. Our work will be based on a relationship of trust and total transparency between the end customer or local partner and your company.

Throughout the work we organize reports so that the company executive knows the market and the clients and evaluates the progress achieved.

Together with your company, you will operate in the country as a local company and with native personnel, which increases the confidence of potential clients and therefore increases the possibilities to close agreements.

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