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Office Management & Local Sales Team


The distance between Israel and Sao Paulo is 10,600 km, to Mexico City is 12,500 and to Santiago de Chile is 13,200 km. The size of countries like Argentina is 2.7 million square kilometers, of Brazil is 8.5 million square kilometers, the extension of Chile from north to south is 4,270 km.

The most spoken languages ​​in Latin America are Spanish and Portuguese both with a touch of native dialects and influence from other European languages ​​such as Italian and French.


These are just some of the examples of the objective difficulties of foreign companies interested in doing business in Latin America. 

In the end, and in order to increase the business with constant growth, it is important to consider opening your own local office or, if the manufacturer prefers, a shared office with SingularSight, in this way we will be able to promote the entry of your company to the market by providing all the necessary services offered by a local company, with controlled expenses and with greater possibilities of obtaining interesting deals.



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