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With our robust locking units and innovative access control system, we are able to secure and provide full transparency to the companies regarding their outdoor assets like BTS, energy systems, water facilities etc.

Intelligent Locking Device & Access Control System

Outdoor facilities present acute security challenges. These facilities constitute critical infrastructure in the fields of communications, electricity and gas, and are exposed to theft, vandalism, fraud, and natural hazards.
Outdoor facilities require an access control system combining airtight physical security a robust, sophisticated locking unit allowing access of various authorized personnel to different secured sites, while monitoring all activity. They also need an independent system without costly infrastructure implementation and maintenance.

The solutions are designed to meet these challenges, with a secure, innovative easy-to-deploy solutions for outdoor facilities.

We provide solutions for a wide variety of outdoor facilities including:
Cellular towers, base stations, communication cabinets, gas and oil reservoirs, water reservoirs and wind turbines.

Our partner's solutions feature robust, highly secure locking units which hinder theft and vandalism attempts highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.
Locking units are therefore completely vandal proof and pick resistant.

Access Management
Enables Real Time access verification. The system is flexible and can accommodate the access needs of any organization, with features such as single use access codes and scheduled unlocking timeframes (Work-Orders). With our partner’s WiKey technology you control Who, When and Where, Open/Close lock status and Confirming the Door/ Gate are closed.

Convenient Central Management

Our partner provides a powerful interface for daily operations such as adding and removing users and keys, generating single use codes, scheduling access and more. Also performs detailed event logging, generated and stored by the locking unit and by Log n Lock management software.

Cost Effective Deployment and Usage

Our systems are cost effective to install and can be easily adapted to existing trucks or storage facilities. There is no need for installation of costly infrastructure since the access control is built into the locks. Furthermore, a wide variety of locks is available

All locks are are operated through user Mobile Device through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, using propriety Data and Channel asymmetric encryption. Locks have unique battery management model that enables battery replacement between 4-10 years depends on lock type and number of opening per day.

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