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Sustainable Energy

Singular sight and our partner's technology lead the smart revolution of energy efficiency by supporting customers in optimization, analysis and monitoring of their assets, and providing tools and data to meet their carbon footprint reduction targets and migration to renewable energy sources.  

Energy Efficiency - Galooli

Smart Site Management

Our cutting-edge industrial IoT and predictive analytics provide users efficient and smart remote site management solutions of their connected assets. Our solutions seek to maximize: - Power utilization and uptime - The health and life expectancy of power sources on-site (e.g., batteries, generators, and rectifiers), and - OPEX Savings.

Increasing operational uptime, minimizing theft and vandalism, reducing equipment failure, optimizing energy consumption.

Smart data analysis allows for an effective goal setting, objective monitoring, and company culture change.

Displaying automatic alerts, reducing response times, displaying remote real-time visibility, and increasing asset availability.

Smart Battery Management & Tracking

Smart Solution for a Variety of Industrial Batteries in the Reserve and Motive Power Usages

We allow remotely check pulse of all battery parameters & behavior, Digitize your energy producing assets to detect anomalies and predict failures.

Our partner's technology help assets last longer by changing customer and system behavior.

We also provide Smart Battery GPS Tracker to prevent theft or help find the battery in case of theft.

Pre-theft detection by a vibration sensor​

High cost-effectiveness

Real-time alerts 

Measures the battery temperature and voltage

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