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Aerial View of a Drone

Get control over your assets with sophisticated security drones, our smart automatic drones are your eye in the sky.  

Security & Surveillance Drones

When building a security plan for any perimeter we automatically think about surveillance cameras, manpower patrols and control center as the first steps needed to be done. But what about the sky above us, how can we use the open sky for the benefit of improving our capabilities?

Our autonomous and long range drones, with day & night visual capabilities that can substantily improve your patrol & control capabilities, identifing security and operational incidents & pinpoint vulnerable areas.

We help you Improve your defense capabilities with the help of our drones by upgrading the way you inspect and monitor your business. Top view in live events with our autonomous & long range drones helps you to scan large areas & map where you should focus your efforts.

By reducing the need for manpower we help you save costs.

Eliminate the need for manpower patrols

Full visibility at blind spots in your existing solutions

Day & night termal view

High cost-effectiveness

Real-time automated analysis from visual data

Greater visibility in perimeter boundary

Real-time alerts 

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