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Emergency Application for Municipalities and Companies that take care of their people employees


SayVU has developed an end to end platform focused on saving lives and contributing to the personal and public safety, anytime, anywhere. Our solution matches the needs of first responders, social service personnel, government agencies and any other population oriented service personnel.


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Intelligent Locking Device and Access Control System


The company offers a wide range of innovative, unique and highly secure locking units, answering the most challenging security needs and resistant to the toughest weather conditions together with an unique access control mechanism.

Our concealed control units, operating some of our locking units, are based on the highly secure, patent protected Knock Code Technology.
Presenting advanced access management and control features and detailed event logging capabilities, OUTLOCKS’ control units will surely cover the most challenging needs and workflows.


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Security Electronic Fence


The Electronic Fence  is based on an electronic sensor with no moving parts that has been designed to detect changes in movement or vibrations caused by attempts to cut, break or remove elements in the protected site.

The detection capability of the  sensor enables installation on solid structures such as walls, window bars and doors as well as on all types of perimeter fences. 


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Security Gates, Bollards and Anti-Terror Barriers


Designing, testing and manufacturing a range of perimeter security products, BGI has become known for its ability to plan innovative protection solutions incorporating mutliple elements and security layers.

The BGI team is regularly called upon to design complex interlock entrances incorporating biometric access control, undercar scanners, gates, bollards, fail-safe mechanisms to meet anti-terror, anti-ballistic and anti-blast requirements.


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