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Singular Sight specialized in two different line of products, Technological Products  and Mass Production Products


Technological Products are high-tech solutions in the field of Telecom, IT,  Security and Education. Those solutions are compounded usually from an Electronic Module (HW ) being operated and managed by a program (SW). sometimes the solutions include an integration from different vendors into an overall working system.


An example is a system that controls the level of water in an irrigation pool, it is compounded by a sensor from one manufacturer and an RTU which is a real time unit receiving the signals from the sensor and sending it by cellular or Ethernet communication to the central system which a Scada SW from a second manufacturer.


Another example is an Access Control product providing an unique enter code to subcontractors arriving to maintain a cellular base station or an electrical substation.

The system is compounded by the locking unit, a cellular modem and a remote system that provides the codes, in a later stage and through the same system critical information being acquired by  sensors will be transmitted to the SCADA system  indicating the fuel level of the generator, the batteries level and temperature in site.


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Mass Production Products are usually manufactured in large quantities using assembly lines and mechanization processes.


Singular Sight  represents a variety of packaging  and food products


Those products are usually shipped in 20" or 40" containers and the capability to compete will depend on creating a winning supply chain in the region.


 Although at first glance may look like Israel and LATAM have not much to cooperate in this area,  our experience shows that it depends on the products and the special conditions of each market, sometimes the demand of such products is higher than the offer and there is a place for an additional provider, even taking a 10% to 30% of the requirement of such a customer may be end up with a very interesting business.

Another point to take into account is that the majority of the countries of Latin America are in the south cone while Israel is in the north cone, it means that the seasons are opposed and sometime mass production manufacturers are looking to export in their low season which is usually the high season in the opposite part of the world.


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