Deception-Based Solution



Following the constant growth in the cyber landscape many business remain an easy target for cyber attacks.

Almost before each attack is launched the target is being scanned & studied to identify which protection platforms the attacked user is using.


With our partners innovative solutions providing a multi-stage protection that dynamically responds to threats as they evolve, your network and endpoint will be protected against unknown & sophisticated threats.


Some of our deception-based solutions advantages :


  • Making malware belive it's an unattractive/hostile enviroment to attack


  • Deceiving ransomeware, making it think the attack succed and the files are encrypted


  • Real-time detection & response to malicious activities in your network 


  • Unique methods to identify malicious behaviours


  • Our solution scan only unknown proccess and does not interrupt the user


  •  Lightweight - minimal CPU and RAM usage 


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