Business Development and Marketing


The main target of our work is to increase the sales of our customers in Latin America and South Europe we will build up a market development plan, will approach a vast network of companies, local businessmen and any person that can help us to promote the product, we will present your products and solutions to potential customers and will understand and work with them in order to develop a relationship between the companies that will end up with a sales contract, on the way we will understand the competitors operating in that segment and we will understand the possible barriers to the penetration of your company and products.


The company will split the process into sub tasks in order to be able to measure and understand the progress in the market, our work will be done in a trustworthy relationship and with full transparency between the final customer or local partner and your company.

Once in a few months we will arrange a roadshow in order for you to come and assess the progress and validate the finding.

We will operate in the country like if you were a local company, increasing the confidence of the potential customers and by that increasing the chances to close deals.


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